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                                                       PATIENT SATISFACTION IS MY TOP PRIORITY

           Starkey  Hearing aid Specialist

          I will provide lower pricing on any identical hearing aid offered to you from any other hearing aid dispenser.

Have you spent $3500.00 or more for a set of hearing aids?  If so, you have paid too much.

Hello:   I am Dick Prescott, an Air Force Retired Veteran, with over 30 years of hearing instrument patient care experience, and am a nationally

board certified Audiologist.  It is my desire to provide only the highest quality digital hearing aids to my patients at the most reasonable

prices in the Tri-State area.  The newest digital hearing aids have speech IQ which identifies speech and does not amplify the background noise.  

This is a first in the hearing aid industry, and will benefit hearing aid users more than ever before.  Services provided after the hearing aid purchase  

are free.  I work in association with the Newburgh First Christian church's wellness  program, and do not maintain a high cost office overhead. 

A 30 to 45 day free  hearing aid trial is provided.  The digital hearing aids dispensed have the best features

in the hearing aid  industry.      Three year warranty on all hearing aids is standard for all our hearing aids.

18 month interest free payment plan available through Care Credit.

Some of the most modern hearing features available are:

ACTIVE FEEDBACK CONTROL    The most effective feedback cancellation system on the market today.  It uses an

entirely new method that effectively erases whistling, squealing, and other irritating feedback sounds.                 

INTELLIGENT SPEECH  DETECTOR (IQ)  Standard behind-the-ear styles and optional in many others, This intelligent speech detector 

amplifies speech directionality by focusing on speech sounds and reducing background noise.  This technology continuously monitors environments

and adjusts accordingly.                                                                                                

AUTOMATIC TELEPHONE RESPONSE   Anyone who wears hearing aids knows telephone conversations can sometimes be difficult.

With Automatic Telephone Response, the latest hearing aids virtually eliminate feedback while automatically adjusting for           

optimal communications on the telephone. 

BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY  Allows for adjusting the hearing aid volume from smart telephones and receiving voice calls from your smart phone.

DURABILITY    No other hearing aid on the market has the same high quality durability.

Call for an appointment at 812-858-7288    or    E-mail:   dick22@prodigy.net



Evansville Hearing Aids > Hearing Aids Evansville > Hearing aids in Evansville

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